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19 Oct

Focusing on the ecological connect between nature and feminism (Ecofeminism) and the global environment policies- Review Paper Abstract(Sample 1)

Various environmental movements from the 1970s have presented a significant sense of exploitation of women and natural resources in developing nations. These movements have in turn criticized the restraints society puts up to limit the roles of women in cultural institutions, taking up progressive roles for the society which will end up increasing the socioeconomic Read more
19 Oct

Women and digital divide in developing nations: Expression of views and verdicts during code reviews: Review Paper Abstract (Sample 3)

Personal experiences, global expressions, and the many studies have suggested that male dominance in a software organization has often oppressed the females from being positive critiques, reviewers, and verdicts when writing or finalizing a code. The software or coding suggestions and opinions raised by females are often unheard during the code writing session due to Read more