Statement Of Purpose

19 Apr

Statement Of Purpose



Note: Below is the sample for SOP written for a student who applied for MS Program in foreign University

Sample 1:

Name of the Student: XXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXX

Course Applied: MS Pharmacology

The purpose of education should be to provide students with a value system, a standard, a set of ideas. The intellectual training to make one better member of society and professional training to make one compatible to the duties of the society are equally important. Failure in any one of the areas will surely impede the all-round development of an individual and ultimately, the society. 

“The quality of science is to reassure

The very genesis of science supports this statement. It is the pursuit of the truth behind the phenomena through experimentation and study.


Looking for long-term association with Pharmacology Department, where dedication for social health, skill, honesty and hard work are acknowledged, where conducive work along with the quality of life is provided, and seeking assignments in research and development of the department.


Striving for betterment and improvement has been my motto in all aspects of life, and the same applies even to my academic cam. I have had the good fortune of completing my school education at XXXXXX   School. There my venerable teachers taught me the inestimable and invaluable benefits of discipline and dedication.

My innate propensity towards science stimulated me to take up BIOLOGY in Intermediate (Class 12) school education and completed it with 88% keeping this in view; I decided to take up pharmacy course in college. Since my schooling, I am passionate towards the Physical Sciences and Health Sciences. I know both are different tracks. Still, unlike many students, I am very much fond of both poles of Science.


I used to think of my academic career during my secondary education level also. At last I had a brief discussion with my dad, who completed his graduation in Biology and traced out my area of interest as Pharmacy, where I can justify my longing for both poles of Science. Pharmacology field is a very challenging and fascinating course. Today pharmacy is a ubiquitous presence across the globe. I started reading about advancements and latest technologies in Medicine and Pharmacology field. I was very much fascinated by this area of study.

The same lust propelled me to join XXXX college for my under graduation, where I am not only provided with a strong foundation of Fundamentals of Pharmacy but also exposed to various fields of Pharmacy.

Though my experiences in XXXXXXX   have provided me with a strong foundation in the field of my interest, a good graduate program is necessary not only to increase my knowledge in these fields but to mold myself into a good student. The stream of my accomplishments in the undergraduate school has focussed on my assertive work in subjects like XXXXX I have delved into the realms of Pharmacy.

My devotion to academics never took me away completely from my other interests. I like Public Speaking activities like Presentations and during under graduation I have received many prizes for Poster Presentations and also participated in Debates, JAM sessions etc. I have won Prizes in painting, poster making, creative writing etc. I have secured top position in my college continuously for three years for this I have been awarded Excellent Academic Performance every year. I also participated in XXXXXX NATIONAL LEVEL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION conducted by Pharma XXXX Society.

Now I want to learn pharmacology and apply the principles for drug discovery and development.


Science has always been a fascination and more of a miracle to me from my childhood. The world of medicines and the term called pharmacy further kindled my puerile passion and turned out my interests and curiosities in to realities. Pharmacology is such a branch that any pupil who has the heart to feel and mind to understand its profundity and applications, and heedful of its diversity and expansiveness, cannot resist himself without choosing his career in this field.

Currently, I am working on a Project in XXXXXX under the guidance of my professor of Pharmacology.

I always get new ideas but later I find out that few of them are already in process, but that doesn’t discourage me and I am happy that I got that idea myself without any reference. Recently I have got few ideas and that completely depends on the Pharmacological knowledge. One of my ideas includes Dealing with problems of ADR’s in Essential medicines which cannot be avoided for a curative purpose, by evaluating the effects of Counter Dosage to minimize ADR ’s.The counter dose may be administered along with the dosage formulations in combination so as to minimize the problems of ADR’s and noticing that it does not affect the activity of the Active drug. I have the base of the knowledge but I want your help to construct my ideas into reality and carry out research works. I need more education which I seek from your institution.

During this, course emphasis was also given to some basic concepts of mathematics and computers. This blend of fine science, analytical, math skills was ideal for me to pursue my graduation. It was a conscious and a well thought out decision by me to pursue Masters in Pharmacology.

During my coursework I attended a National Seminar on Recent Trends in XXXXXXXX in the year 2009 where I presented a poster presentation on Molecular Docking: Problems, I got great exposure to the field of Pharmacy. I submitted an article on XXXXXXXX held in XXXX,  Feb 2009

When I went to XXXXXX to attend the UGC sponsored XXXXXXX where i submitted an article on  XXXXX, I had a chance to meet many students from pharmacy background, I learned a lot of things from them and it made my interest on the subject stronger.

During my under graduation, my interest towards the subject Pharmacology grew deeper and wanted to learn more and more.

“Nothing is the same on any day here. You get experience and learn so much and feel good knowing that you are helping people”

All these characteristics, factors insisted and impressed me to opt for masters in healthcare administration at your prestigious university.


As a student of under graduation, I have been well acquainted with sophisticated instruments like XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX… A great exposure to above techniques and types of equipment has also inspired me to select Pharmacology as my major subjects with a good insight into Instrumental Analysis.

I have completed one-month Industrial training in XXXXXXXXXX as part of my coursework there I learned to work on many Instruments. The Industrial Training Proved to be a golden opportunity for me in letting me understand various operations involved in XXXX field, Research and Development Field and how to follow XXXXXX guidelines. During my training period, I came close to all aspects of Research Filed as I got good exposure to all departments including the Research and Development Department.


When I went through your college website, the research being done in various fields impressed me a lot.

From the careful study of the department brochures, I have realized that your university can provide me with a perfect environment for directing my mental resources towards independent research.

  • The Programme details on your website have assured me that your college offers rigorous Curriculum abreast of the developments, along with the practical experiences which would help me.
  • Faculty adept in both teaching and research.
  • A multicultural ambiance that would contribute significantly to the growth of my rhetoric skills.

Other than this I also noticed that there is good interaction between the professors and students, and you also have a good number of extracurricular activities going on over there. I thought all these will give me a rich experience in studies as well as the culture of USA. The cutting-edge research programs being carried out at your university have interested me and prompted me to apply to your university.

My interest in doing masters in your venerated university having well eminent faculty will facilitate me to achieve my ultimate goal.

Why Masters in XXXXXX?

I want to experience the way of teaching, excellent Laboratory facilities, the culture and lifestyle in XXXXXX. It will give me some degree of exposure as to how everything happens in another part of the world, so far away from my home country. Also, I would like to work in a team consisting of professionals of various fields because Innovator is needed for the generation of innovation and members of the team, to make it a reality.

In conclusion, I am fully aware of the hard work and perseverance required for a successful career. I believe that I have the aptitude and drive to meet the challenge.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself to you.


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