Guide: How we work

29 Mar

Guide: How we work


How should you contact us?

Here we have explained that how you can submit your work to our writers and we will be in constant touch with you for submitting your drafts at each step. The topics, work to be done and suggestions from your guides are welcomed as a written message, e-mail, images(all formats), Powerpoint presentations, MP4 or any TEXT/AUDIO/VIDEO file.

How to Place an order: (In Installments):

Step 1: Submit your Name of Course, Topic, Word limit or any marking scheme which is asked by your professor.

Mail us all the details and documents to with a deadline.

Step 2: Our writer will contact you ASAP.

Step 3: 1st Installment- Pay for the first draft only and get your first draft written.

Step 4: 2nd Installment – Pay for the second draft and get your Second draft written.

Step 5: Get your draft checked by your professor and revert with suggestions if any so that we can continue the work

Step 6: 3rd Installment- Pay for the third draft and get your Third draft written.

Step 7: Get your draft checked by your professor and revert with suggestions if any.

Step 8: Unlimited revisions will be done by our writers if any query persists.

Step 9: Enjoy your excellent grades and Scores. Cheers !!



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