Sample writing-assignment MBA

4 Apr

Sample writing-assignment MBA



Diabetes and obesity:

The company has prepared vegetable juices which are very low in sugar quantity which are preferred by the diabetic and obese population. They have kept in mind that there is a certain percentage of the population which is suffering from diabetes and obesity hence well prepared vegetable juices have the ability to cut down the sugar levels and help in controlling the blood sugar levels. Their products hold great popularity about this percentage of the audience.

Fruit juices are not recognized as healthy as they once were

A new belief has been developing amongst people that the drinking juices daily will lead to diabetes. This is true to some extent if any person has a diabetic history. But boycotting pressed juices is wrong as the pressed juices of vegetable are of great benefit for the diabetic population.  

People are also developing a belief that the use of pesticides in the cultivation cause a huge buildup of chemicals in the juices and consuming juices of raw fruits and vegetables will affect their health which could be curbed down if they consume heat pressed juices which might cut down the toxic chemicals by its exposure to heat.

New government restrictions on amounts of sugar in juices

The government restriction on sugar band will not affect the pressed juice industry much. As we they already selling products with no additives in it so addition of extra sugar in juices is out of question. They will in fact get a clear market support as the sugary heated juices will be banned from market and the place of aerated drinks (with additional sugar tax) will be taken up by a healthier choice that is pressed juices.


More expensive process than normal juice

The pricing of the cold-pressed juices is slightly higher than the normal juices but it is not affecting the popularity of the juice as the consumers have understood the benefits of consuming the pressed juices over the normal juice. The retention of nutrients is an important factor which is kept under notice while preparing the pressed juices. The high price has led to high profits for the company as people are clear with the idea of why a pressed juice must be preferred over others.

Effect of Brexit on imports of other juices/fruits

. An appetite for the home brands is increasing due to the uncertainty of the environment of Brexit. Additionally, the brand focusses on using continuous innovation and techniques to expand the business and improves its management functioning hence it stands tall as an immensely popular British based brand.

The global market of industries is predicted to increase from 2019- 2025 rapidly with a forecast of CAGR of 9.5% to 10.5% in these years. The global market of the cold press juices is around 6.3 billion. Coldpress Food Ltd. is a massive leader in the market of the UK mostly known for its pressed juices. The company is supplying its products to countries like the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, France, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.


Increase in health consciousness

An important aspect which makes it a winner over other companies is their idea of adding no preservative and any additives.

The health experts have critically claimed the use of preservative as trouble for the health hence taking up the motto of no preservatives makes them hugely acceptable amongst the consumers.

Focus on breakfast

Consuming juices as a part of your daily diet helps in many ways. They help in faster weight loss, anti-aging in nature and prevent wrinkles or early aging signs. The focus on breakfast is important and juice is an important part of the breakfast diet. It is often advised by medical professionals that consuming juices in the morning routine helps in boosting health. People are now becoming more aware and responsible for their health hence the consumption is definitely increasing.


Transport logistics

The products by Cold press food ltd. have great branding and advertising panache. They have been packing and barding their products in a creative manner which makes them stand superior. They are packaging their products in hexagonal bottles which makes the packaging and transport easier.

The shelf life of perishable goods

They do not believe in heating the juice which makes it deliver less nourishment which ultimately makes it less useful. They have captured the market amazingly as the technology involved in the manufacturing of this juice uses cold processing and pasteurization.

SWOT Analysis:


The major advantage in this company is they involve HPP- High-Pressure Processing technology for processing their juices which helps in retaining a high nutritive value of the juice.  The company has not only involves juices as their only high selling product they have dived into numerous products for vegans as well. ColdPress is being popular for producing products for the health conscious people ranging from almond milk to dairy-free products.


Lack of product awareness: The brand is yet to establish itself in the global juice market small company

The brand is facing issues with the unaware set of population. The founder of Coldpress Food Ltd. Andrew Gibb says that it is tough to educate the unaware and uneducated people who still believe that the normal juices and pressed juices hold the same value.

Opportunities rising health awareness so the potential for the company to grow

The growing awareness and the continuous expansion of the company in many countries are increasing the market heavily. With the increase in population, increase in awareness and increased expansion in multiple nations is exponentially increasing the opportunities and hence a bigger market stands in front of them full of opportunities.

  • Targeting the health conscious generation
  • Expanding more store locations
  • Increase or widen the social media presence


Competitor market is a threat as they often reduce the pricing to match the Coldpress products. They are able to reduce or cut down the market by either selling the normal juices or rebranding them as cold pressed or slow juices or they are just compromising on the quality of the product. The new brands sometimes create tough competition for the company but it is dealt with easily by the trust of people in their company. The competitor companies are Roots and Bulbs, The Healthy Juice Company, Crude Juice, Raw Press, Think Press and Lab Organic.

  • Low cost of the competitor company
  • All consumers don’t focus on a healthy lifestyle

CAGE analysis for France

Cultural – Culturally the people of France are welcoming the global era with a warm hug and are open on acceptance of new products and companies. Globalization is making the entire world a small space and it is connecting all in the same platform. So culturally they will not face any issues as the international business nowadays has neutralized cultural issues to an extent.

Administrative – A major nonattendance of any shared political association or any monetary association will create a Barrier in entering the France market. But as per the current speculations if France gets ready for Brexit then it could be a huge market for the company’s products.

Geographic – The geographical climate and conditions are very favorable for Coldpress to enter the market of France. They have suitable climatic conditions to set up and the raw material would be easily available to help them manufacture their products in France if Coldpress expands to set up units in their country.

Economic – In fact, there are more similarities between the UK and France than the differences.

The availability of natural resources if good enough to maintain a constant supply for fulfilling the market demands of France. Whereas the information/ knowledge sources, HR resources, and Infrastructure availability is good in France so entering the French market will not be a problem on the economic front for Coldpress foods ltd.  

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